Ok, students... there are just under 2 weeks left in this Challenge but lots of points-earning potential to go!  The leaderboard is anything but decided.  As you know, rankings are determined by a "points-per-student" calculation.  So those schools whose participating classrooms had a high percentage of participating students are faring well.  
But there's still an "unknown quantity" that could shake up the leaderboard overnight!
Those parent/guardians who submitted a Pledge Form that included their ComEd account number are eligible to earn 250 points for every 1 percent reduction in electricity consumption that they achieve on their April ComEd bill (compared to their April 2011 ComEd bill, after weather normalization).  These household energy calculations will occur during the first few days of May -- and these points could have the potential to turn the leaderboard upside down!
So keep working on those weekly Challenge Sheets and turn 'em in on time.  But also remember to be diligent about continuing the energy efficient behaviors you've learned through them.  Studies have shown that it's very easy to reduce energy consumption by 2 percent to  5 percent without even trying hard.  That's potentially 500 to 1,250 points that you could give your school!  
Imagine the points you could earn if you really put your energy-saving mind to work!!

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