If you've got boys at home (like this St Mary School student), you probably unconsciously say "get outta the fridge!" with mind-numbing regularity.  Grade school and junior high boys can eat you out of house and home.  But so can a dusty, old fridge!  Ok, so maybe the fridge doesn't drink from the milk carton, but if its coils and grill are clogged with dust and debris, it'll chow down on electricity.  Make sure your fridge is running at peak efficiency.  Vaccuum clean its grill and coils to keep air flowing and its compressor system operating at maximum potential and you'll save.  If you've got a working, 2nd fridge or freezer sitting around, why not have ComEd pick it up for FREE?  Plus, ComEd will pay you $50/unit (limit 2).  See ComEd.com/ApplianceRecycling for more info and to schedule your pickup online.  Way to go, Connor!

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